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10 Things Needed For Moving Into New Home

November 23, 2016 12:21 pm

First-time buyers of new homes in Hutto TX understand that there are a variety of items you need to buy for a new house, such as furniture and window coverings. But there are also a host of other items you should shop for that you may not have needed if you lived in an apartment. Here are a few necessary things to buy before you move in to your new home:

1. Tools – Every home needs a well-stocked tool box to handle small jobs like hanging up pictures, or to build a bookcase or cabinet for your media room. Some of the essential items include:

  • Hammer
  • Nails, Hooks, Screws
  • Screwdrivers (Flathead and Phillips)
  • Pliers
  • Power Drill / Drill Bits
  • Staple Gun
  • Tape Measure

2. Smoke Alarm & Fire Extinguisher – Keep your loved ones safe with the purchase of a fire extinguisher and smoke alarms. There are different classes of fire extinguishers to combat different materials. An all-purpose extinguisher labeled “ABC” means it can be used to combat combustibles like paper, cloth and plastics, as well as electrical fires and highly flammable fuels such as propane or gasoline.

3. Stepladder – Unless you’re really tall, a foldable stepladder comes in handy when you need to change a light bulb or retrieve an item from the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet or bedroom closet.

4. Lawnmower & Garden Supplies – Unless you plan to hire a landscaper and/or gardener to take care of your yard, you will need to invest in a lawnmower. Garden supplies to consider include a garden hose, rake, trowel, weed-whacker, or shovel as well as a watering can, wheelbarrow or wagon. A push broom also comes in handy for sweeping your garage floor.

5. Outdoor Entertaining Items – If you’re planning to host any family gatherings outside, you’ll need to stock up on the essentials such as a barbecue grill. Lawn chairs, patio furniture and an umbrella are among the starter items most people buy.

6. Wastebaskets – This may seem obvious, but wastebaskets are a necessity. You should have one in every room of your house.

7. Cleaning Supplies – To keep your home looking neat and tidy, it’s important to have the right cleaning supplies on hand. Items to pick up include toilet brush / cleaner, rubber gloves, an all-purpose cleaner that’s safe for glass and wood, stove cleaner, bucket with mop, broom and dust pan, and vacuum cleaner.

8. File Cabinet / Document Holder – There are a lot of documents to keep track of once you own a home, so it’s a good idea to invest in some type of storage unit to hold them. A file cabinet can store your closing documents, tax records, receipts and repair records.

9. Shower Curtains, Liner & Bath Mats – Don’t forget to pick up shower curtains and liners to keep your bathroom walls and floor dry. Plus, bath mats keep you from slipping on a wet floor – so they are a must!

10. Lamps & Light Bulbs –Table lamps and/or floor lamps are essential items to make it easier to see at night in your living room, bedrooms, etc. Don’t forget that lights consume energy, so it’s wise to stock up on longer-lasting CFL and LED bulbs for your light fixtures. Even though these bulbs cost more up front, they’ll save you money over time.

You’ll find spacious new homes in Hutto TX for sale in the family-friendly neighborhood of Park at Brushy Creek. Buffington Homes is building three and four bedroom homes in this charming community, located a short distance from Pflugerville and Round Rock. Contact Buffington today to learn more about the new homes for sale in Hutto and the surrounding Austin area.

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