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BUFFINGTON Triathlon Team

Buffington Homes is proud to sponsor the Buffington Homes Triathlon Team!
This group of Ultramarathoners are competing and winning weekly. Buffington Homes will post the race dates and results on this page. For those that are unfamiliar with the term Ultramarathon, it is any race beyond the classic 26.2-mile distance--races from increasingly popular 50-Ks to 100-milers to solo crossings of continents.

The Race Team will be wearing the Buffington “B” on neon green uniforms and standing proudly on the finish podiums after these grueling races. Send them encouragement and congratulations on our Buffington Homes Facebook page. Follow them all season and we will be supporting their races.

Click here for the team bios!


BH Athletes September/October Schedule

Click here for the team's weekly race updates!


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